October 4th, 2011


Caring - a very confusing word. What is the meaning of caring? We always end up caring too much and get hurt, why do we care? Does caring mean loving? I never understand this word, I hate it when someone start caring, really, drop the crap and just love me, full stop.

I mean if you love someone, you will do anything. That is enough, that is caring out of love. But if you don’t love that person, caring is just not necessary. I hate people saying ‘I care about you’, that is only if the actions don’t show so you have to say it.

I’m really done with all the caring shit, I never care about how people care about me. If caring comes first before love, the love will never happen. If love comes first, then caring will come after. Caring lives within love, caring comes with love.

When I was like 19, I fancied someone like crazy. He was so charming and I really liked talking to him. He was a client of the shop where I used to work. Every time he came in, I had butterflies in my stomach.

We started seeing each other, just like friends, but never a date. I didn’t know what went wrong, but it wasn’t a romantic start so it got me worry. Somehow I had to tell him how I feel, I needed him to know.

The reaction from him was ‘I care about you… but…’, you can imagine the rest. That was it. The ‘caring’ word is definitely being used too much that why we end up caring too much. Why do we care?